2019 Tax Season Begins

We are open for business despite the IRS not taking our calls.

We are ready to go with our Intuit Proseries Tax software in place. Our clients can request their Tax Planners by contacting us at info@miamibeachcpa.com.

It seems the IRS has announced it will start processing returns and open for e-filing on January 28th, 2019, under a mandate ordered by the Trump Administration, so let’s begin to put our paperwork together, calculate income and deductions and be ready to roll when the time comes.

If you are filing for the first time in 2019, for the 2018 tax year, please be sure to check with us about your specific tax situation. Whether you are a small business or a new resident to the US, it is important to understand your options before moving forward.

Employees may want to study their W4’s closely before signing them in 2019. Withholding allowances are calculated based on married and filing status and earnings, and not necessarily, on how many dependents you have. Dependents are considered, however, if you are above an income threshold you get only one allowance for two dependents.

The White House has announced that refunds will begin to go out as usual, despite the IRS being closed at the opening of this tax season. We anxiously await further information on the 2019 budget funding for Uncle Sam and plan to bring you further updates as they become available.

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